About Us

Formation Brands brings creativity to products that entertain and inspire. Our collections span two major market segments – private label housewares and independent gift retailers. We provide a wide range of products including drinkware, tableware, barware, cut-n-sew, paper and ceramics that are made for both the home and gift markets.

Our major retail buyers depend on Formation Brands to concept, create and fulfill custom collections tailored to their unique markets. We also offer these clients “Designed Collections” through our branded lines Sip, Swizzle and Clay Art. Our Designed Collections are available as-is, lead times are drastically decreased so products are on shelves in record time. We also serve boutique buyers in the independents market with SLANT Collections. Our ability to source trends directly at the point of sale means that we always have a connection to what customers want to buy and gift. We apply the same innovative designs, techniques and manufacturing processes to this distinct product collection.

Our team excels at delivering on-trend, fashion-forward designs applied to innovative products. We are constantly expanding our industry knowledge by seeking new trends, new processes, and new applications.

We pride ourselves on our creativity and our ability to provide value for our customers on the logistical front. We are a product development partner who can reliably and effectively execute concepts based on our experienced teams and manufacturing and fulfillment relationships.

Formation Brands was formed in 1994 by Mark Towery and Leslie Miller in San Francisco CA in response to large retailers growing demands for custom products. The company is constantly inventing fresh concepts to serve the US and Canadian retail market. We welcome your partnership in our expansion with new markets, new products, and ever-evolving designs. Our company mission highlights our desire to be unsurpassed at the delivery of innovative products and designs, market knowledge, and logistical performance.

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